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Thomas A. Dorsey, writer of Precious Lord and Peace In The Valley was born July 1, 1899.

Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag was the first Ragtime tune to become a sheet music best-seller. Ragtime music influenced the likes of Irving Berlin who said, "Syncopation is the soul of every true American. Ragtime is the best heart-raiser and worry-banisher I know."

At the turn of the century, the average worker earned twenty-two cents an hour.

Sound recordings were made by the acoustic process, without amplification or electricity. 

Jazz flourished in Storyville, the red light district in New Orleans. Buddy Bolden is often credited for being the first of the great Jazz figures. Jelly Roll Morton said he was "the blowingest man since Gabriel."

George Lewis (clarinetist) was born July 13, 1900 in New Orleans, Louisiana,

Pink Anderson, American blues singer and guitarist (d. 1974)

Medicine shows in the late 19th and early 20th centuries provided exposure for mountain music.  The good doctor sold sure-fire cures for ailments to the sound of southern rural musicians turning Anglo-Irish ballads into a uniquely American music.

Sammy Davis, the father of entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was born in Wilmington, North Carolina.

August 4, 1901, a king was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. "James Alley is located in the crowded section of New Orleans known as Back o' Town. James Alley not Jane Alley as some people call it lies in the very heart of what is called The Battlefield because the toughest characters in town used to live there, and would shoot and fight so much. In that one block between Gravier and Perdido Streets more people were crowded than you ever saw in your life. There were church people, gamblers, hustlers, cheap pimps, thieves, prostitutes and lots of children." - Louis Armstrong, Satchmo My Life In New Orleans.

Skip James was born June 9, 1902 in Bentonia, Mississippi.

1903 - Big Bill Broonzy was born.

Clyde McCoy from Ashland, Kentucky was born in 1903.

The first Victor Victrola record player is manufactured on August 22. 1906

St. Louis, Missouri: Josephine Baker was born on June 3, 1906.

The first Ford Model T automobile leaves the plant in Detroit, Michigan on September 27, 1908, offering new vistas for traveling musicians and traveling fans.

Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride, the hard thermosetting plastic better known as Bakelite was introduced.

Maybelle Carter, The Queen Mother of Country Music was born in Nickelsville, Virginia.

Shelby, Mississippi: Henry Townsend was born October 27, 1909.

On November 18, 1909, Johnny Mercer, one of the World's greatest songwriters was born in Savannah, Georgia.

By Carl P. McConnell